Yarn weight?

What type of yarn would be classified as DK weight?

dk weight is about half the thickness of worsted weight. It’s gauge is usually 22-24 st per inch. It’s close to sport weight.


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It also depends on where in the world you are.

DK here (Australia) is an 8ply wool. I know it’s different in the States.


well I’m taking a look at the knitting patterns on the red cross website here and I’m trying to figure out what they mean by sweater yarn. I’m figuring they didn’t have all the kool new yarn that they have today, so I’m trying to figure if they’re meaning worsted weight or what.

In doing a little bit of research, I found that sweater weight could refer to as DK weight, but after seeing the standards, I’m thinkin’ that’s unlikely.

I would be using a DK (8 ply) or worsted (12ply?), it really depends on how ‘heavy’ you want the sweater… as long as you swatch the same, or compensate with stitches…

I think that those ratios are used for yarn that is put on knitting machines. There’s a chart here that has reference to it.