Yarn Weight

okay so i bought some of this and i must confess i am really bad at figuring out yarn weights…especially since i usually just grab a yarn and start knitting it without thinking about it most of the time. but i bought some of this today. i have been coveting it for a long time and when it went on sale today I decided it was time to get some. so what i am trying to figure out is what weight is it? i THINK it is either a DK or sport weight. am i right?

(i bought 12 and 05 btw) :inlove:

That yarn is YUMMY :inlove: I think I’d pick the same colours as you did, if I had to choose.

Here’s a link for ya:

The yarn says 24sts/30rows for gauge, and according to the chart that means it falls somewhere between sport and DK, just like you thought! :thumbsup:

yeah that’s where i got that from. I have had that site bookmarked for months but never paid attention to it. now i just have to decide what to make! i got 2 skeins of each… :thinking: what to do what to do! :wink:

thank you!

Ooooh, that’s what we were fondling at String of Purls, isn’t it! sigh LOL Is that where you bought it?

yum! Maybe 2 skeins of each would be enough for a little tank? Could definitely make a luxurious scarf!

lol that is exactly the yarn we were fondling there. i fear i may have to go back and buy more too if i can come up with something lovely to make with it…

Kemp a tank is a great suggestion but…umm…yeah that wouldn’t work for me… :rofling: a scarf isn’t a bad suggestion though. it just feels so lovely i think i would want to wear it all the time! :smiley:

Kinda funny how they had it in its own little cabinet, just like the pseudoephedrine medications or expensive perfumes…like something that is normally off limits to the general public. :rofling: