Yarn weight, what the heck do I have?

I bought some beauooootiful yarn at an estate sale, but I am having a heck of a time figuring out what to make with it, mainly because I have no idea what weight it is. The brand is Classic Elite, the label says Rockford cotton. it is 100% egyptian cabled cotton, gauge is 21 st/4" no 8 ndls, 16 sts/4" no 9 ndls
I have no idea what this means!:hair:I have a lot of it, 16 skeins, so I want to find something gorgeous to make with it.

It is soooooooo gorgeous! help me please! And that really is the color of the yarn, mmmmmmmmm

sounds like its aran…
here is the ravelry page
but i don’t think the info is correct on that page(they say it’s bulky 16sts/4"- yours doesn’t look bulky at all)

Just based upon the gauges you listed I’d say it’s worsted weight.

I would agree with Mason, definitely is worsted weight based on gauge and needle size.

Me three for worsted!

You could wrap it around a ruler or stick so that the yarn touches itself but isn’t squished together, and measure how many wraps it takes to make an inch.

14 wraps per inch, or wpi, is sport weight
13 wpi is light worsted
12 wpi is medium worsted
11 wpi is heavy worsted
10 wpi is bulky


I’d say swatch a little with some different needles sizes (do 7, 8, and 9) and take the gauge of the fabric that you like best and go from there to pick projects.

I agree with Chrissie do a swatch and then you can decide on what to make…It needs to be something special all that lovely yarn and such a lovely colour…Lucky you!!!