Yarn weight pattern questions

could a person use a different yarn weight than the patterns recommend yarn weight?because I 'd love to use a heavy weight yarn for a sock pattern.would it affect the gauge too much?how would you get the gauge ?.any different opinions would be nice.

If the pattern is written for a certain weight yarn you couldn’t just switch yarns. The whole sock would be more like Christmas stocking since most socks are made with fingering weight. I suggest finding a pattern for the yarn you want to use. If you need help tell us the yarn weight.

Jan’s right. There’s a lot more to it than just recalculating gauge. The ankle and even the foot are somewhat easily resized, but the heel would be a bit more fussy. A good worsted-weight sock option that’s free would be Rye from TinCanKnits.

If you really want to do it, here’s what you do.

  1. knit a swatch in your new yarn in whatever stitch pattern gauge is given in the pattern.
  2. figure out the gauge - let’s say the pattern calls for getting 6spi and you’re getting 4spi in the heavier yarn.
  3. figure out how many stitches in the heavier yarn will get you the same measurement as with the lighter yarn. Let’s say the pattern calls for 24 stitches around, which would be 4" at 6spi. To get 4" at 4spi, you’d need 16 stitches instead.
  4. figure out where you’re going to need to make adjustments - number of stitches in the heel, rate of decrease/increase in the toe, etc.
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Hi.what does spi mean?

Stitches per inch

I’ll buck the crowd. I’m sure fingering to worsted works by percentages for basic top down socks.

Colorwork, cables and lace pattern socks probably wouldn’t with a yarn size change. I’m not sure about “heavy weight” yarn other than worsted are hard enough to fit into shoes so they would be slipper socks.