Yarn weight help

I have a pattern for foot-warmers and I really want to make them. The only problem is i can’t find anything on the yarn company much less what the yarn weight is. The yarn called for in the pattern is Mo- Gleam, Pyramid Mills item#350. if anyone knows at least the yarn weight and can tell me it would be greatly appreciated!

Any chance it is Moda Dea Gleam? If so it’s a bulky weight yarn - see these links:
and is available online:

I double checked the pattern and it says what I have written above but thanks for trying to help it is greatly appreciated!

What guage does the pattern say you need? Just match that, doesn’t matter what yarn you use. If it says something like 7-9 sts per inch and size 1 - 3 needles, that would be a sock weight/fingering yarn. If it’s at the other end, like 3-4 sts per inch and a larger needle, maybe 5 - 7 - that’d be a worsted weight or maybe even bulkier yarn.

Thank you but this pattern is weird in the fact the it only gives me the material ie the yarn I need, the needle size which is a 6 and then it tells me to co the number of sts. I would do that but the pattern doesn’t have a gauge unfortunately. But thank you for your suggestion as well.

Since it uses size 6 needles, I would think that you would be using DK weight yarn. Or possibly worsted weight knit tightly.

I called the loverly woman who gave me the pattern and asked what yarn she recommends and she has always used a worsted weight so maybe I will try that. Thank you all for your help and suggestions!

I did a little digging and here’s what I came up with: Pyramid Mills was a family company in Gastonia, NC. In the 50s, they became a Christmas tree ornament company and in the 70s, changed names to Rauch Industries-- and in the 90s, got slammed with industrial polution charges. But I digress. It seems that the Grant Crest yarn company took over the PM yarn business, and continued the Mo Gleam line. Some of the yarn is available on eBay and is listed as 135 yds per 2 oz. Which would make it DK, or sport-to-light worsted thickness-- about 5 - 6 sts per inch. As for the size 6 needles-- if the pattern is old enough, the needle sizes may not be exactly what they are today, so I would just try to get that gauge and go from there. Fortunately they’re just foot warmers and so if it isn’t working, you don’t have to rip out an entire sweater!:slight_smile:

Thank you for the information it was very interesting to read! I greatly appreciate all the time and work you put into this for me!

Happy to help! Those vintage patterns are a lot of fun, but can be frustrating when not only is the yarn “extinct”, but also they give you so little information. I’ve found the older the pattern, the worse it gets-- if you look at patterns from WW1, they don’t even give a size, let alone gauge! I guess you were just supposed to knit the thing up and then find someone who could wear it?:oo: