Yarn Weight Conversion in Pattern?

I found 9 skeins of Lion Boucle in the same dye lot for $1/pce. Now I am trying to find the pattern for what I have in mind - a hoodie. I found a hooded sweater pattern that I like, but it is written for Bernat Super Value. Since Boucle is super bulky and the Super Value is plain old worsted weight, how can I adjust the pattern?

Can I go by measuring? So instead of CO 119 st, I just CO enough to get 45 inches?

The Bernat calls for 42oz of worsted weight and I have 22.5 of super bulky. I know the bulkies knit up faster, but to what extent? Can I even pull this one off?

Is this even going to be possible? Help please before I go :eyes: crazy!

Thanks everyone!

This calculatorcan help with converting the pattern to work with the new yarn.

This calculator can help you figure out how much of the new yarn you need based on the amount of yarn used in the original pattern.

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You can’t always go by the weight of the different yarns, what’s the yardage? You’ll probably be using larger needles too.

Yes, you can measure your gauge to figure how many sts per inch and how many inches you need to cast on for. If the pattern has a size where the CO number is close to the number you need, you can follow the instructions for that size, even if it isn’t the one you’d do with the correct yarn.