Yarn wants

I’m trying to find who sells this yarn I saw a picture of.
I went to google, clicked on "images"
typed in yarns, then, the 3rd page, the third row down,
is an image of 3 twisted skeins of yarn, the center one being blue.

I went to vintageknits, and couldn’t begin to figure out how to find the blue skein.

Can anyone direct me to the yarn, so I can buy it? It’s just beautiful.cloud9


Is this the picture? I’m not sure if it’s the one you mean because it’s a picture of just one skein of yarn with three colors.

But, if so, I found it at the Changing Threads site. And, if not… well, nevermind then. :slight_smile:

YES, Ingrid! That’s it!! How did you DO that?

Thank you! Loopy has a lot of beautiful colors, I’ve never heard of them. Thanks again.

No that wasn’t it, but, thanks for trying.

I just searched for Claudia sock yarn. I’ve purchased yarn from the Loopy Ewe and they’re very good.:thumbsup:

I can’t even figure out which picture you were looking at, then. But, I’m glad you found what you wanted…

Was this the picture? (google is always changing, so it was on the first page for me, but it mentions vintage knits that you mentiones…)

If so, it says in the address that it is claudia sock yarn, which you can find in the shop on that site.

Yes, that was it, and I’m saving up to buy some from the Loopy Ewe.