Yarn twisting on needle

I am in the very beginning of learning to knit so I apologize for this silly question:

I am trying to learn the long tail cast on method and when I finish casting on the yarn is all twisted…not lined up neatly like in the video. Any advice?

Also, the twisting continues to happen when I try to knit.
How can I keep the stitches straight?


Welcome, Zoe!

The cast-on will twist as you’re doing it; just line it up when you’re done.

The twisting while you knit is normal, too; the base of the knitting isn’t firm enough or heavy enough to stay put. Just make sure you keep it straight near where you’re knitting, and you’ll be fine.

Thanks Angelia!
I’ll keep trying.


You’re welcome! Keep us posted on your progress!

Just wanted to let you know that I always seem to get more twisting with big needles, size 17 look like a canycane at the end. :x: