Yarn twisting/bunching up

I’m new to knitting. I’ve knitted a baby blanket and two “blankets” for our cats to lie on, but for each project I’ve had trouble with the yarn twisting/bunching up. I have to stop knitting, figure out which way to turn the ball of yarn to reverse the twisting. What can I do to prevent this? Am I holding the yarn incorrectly? I’m getting discouraged. Please help!

I can’t believe the timing of your post. I picked up the needles again earlier this year and I always (or rather almost always) roll my yarn into a ball…I just like it better. For some reason (I don’t remember why) I didn’t make the skein I’m working on right now into a ball and I’ve been untangling it for the last half hour. :gah:

Just as I was finally finishing and swearing not to ever knit straight from another skein again without making it into a ball…when I saw your post.

Don’t give up. Just find the best way for you. Some people don’t like to take the time to make a skein into a ball…I’d rather take the time to do that from the start then do what I had to do tonight… instead of actually knitting! I know exactly the frustration you’re feeling! :wall:

What kind of yarn are you using? If it’s Lion Homespun it’s notorious for that and the best solution is to use size 11 needles and a loose tension.

it can depend on the yarn, bu as a general rule a centre pull ball is easiest to work from as it keeps your yarn pretty straight and doesnt allow it to twist so much.

Thank you everyone for your wisdom. :grphug: It is good to know that this isn’t what I should expect in the future and I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one who has had this trouble (not that I want anyone to have to deal with unwinding the yarn). I’m using yarn from Michael’s Craft store. Primarily Lion’s Homespun and Red Heart Baby Clouds. Is there a better product?

Happy knitting! :stuck_out_tongue:

I did two baby blankets in the homespun. They’re really soft and I love the yarn. I’ve seen a few people post that said they didn’t like it because it was “splitty”, but I didn’t have that problem.

I actually had to try to knit straight from a skein this week because I bought some Caron One Pounders from Joann’s, no way I was going to make one big ball from it, and I don’t know how to separate it into manageable balls. So, I did knit from the center and I’m about half way thru the pound and I haven’t had any problems.

I also decided that I really like the yarn. Regular $ is 7, $4.50 on sale. If you have a Hobby Lobby, Joann’s will honor their coupons. So, when they’re not on sale, I wait for the week when HL has their 40% off coupon…great deal. If you don’t have either of these stores, they both have on-line shopping and Joann’s usually has a 50% off coupon for online shopping. I don’t know if Michaels has the Caron…, but if so, they may also honor the coupon (you get it on HL’s website).

Hope that helps…Have fun:knitting:

Primarily Lion’s Homespun and Red Heart Baby Clouds. Is there a better product?

I don’t know about `better’ but because of the way those yarns are constructed, larger needles and looser tension work better.

And regarding Joann coupons, if you do have a Joann’s near you, sign up for the emailed newsletter. You get a 40% off coupon in them which you can print and use at the store as well as ordering online. And you can print several, you just can’t use them all at once.