Yarn troubles... :(

Hello, I am new to this, barely last week, and my friend is teaching me like a mentor. She tought me how to knitt and plurl, but I always did it with HER yarn. My dad plans to go to walmart soon, so I need to know quickly what kind of yawn to buy! I want to get a white color or something bright and cheerful… Any ideas?

Welcome to knitting!! WalMart doesn’t have the nicest yarn on the planet, but much of it has some good qualities. They carry good ole Red Heart acrylic in worsted weight and it will wear forever and has been the workhorse of the yarn world for many years. Red Heart also makes a “Soft” now which is just that, softer than the regular stuff. A lot of people like Caron’s Simply Soft. It is very soft and I guess it washes up okay. I believe WalMart sells Vanna’s Choice which I also think is pretty good. I have seen some wool at Wallie World, but don’t know which kind or if it is always there. It is probably okay wool, if they have it. The store also has basic cotton yarn if you want to knit dishcloths.

My personal advise is to start with one of the acrylics in a smooth (the ones I mentioned above are all smooth) yarn. I don’t like cotton for beginners because it doesn’t have any give to it and is stiff and a little harder to work with (but some people love to start with dishcloths and swear by it). Stay away from the interesting, but bumpy, hairy or whatever yarns until you have a little practice. Your idea of white is good or the kind of colors you mentioned. What is not good for beginners is something real dark like black or close to black of any color, black being the worst. It is hard to see the stitches with very dark colors.

There are a lot of kinds and qualities of yarn in the world, but in my opinion Wal-Mart isn’t a bad place to start. Have fun.

Thanks for the advice! I appreciate it very much. When me and my dad go over there I am going to have to drag him over to the knitting isle! :D… Once I get my yarn it’s :knitting: for me!

Yes, for learning to knit I recommend a smooth, light colored yarn in worsted weight which will have a number 4 on the wrapper. No fuzzy stuff as it’s hard to knit with and you can’t see your stitches to learn. Use a size 8 or 9 US needle to knit with.

At Walmart you won’t have much choice beyond Red Heart, but if they have the new Soft Yarn there, pick it up and use it to your delight. I’ve tried it for a beanie cap and it didn’t cause my hands to itch at all (which is usually the case with Red Heart Yarns). It also gets incredibly softer after you wash it, like Premier’s Serenity or Sensations Angel Hair.

I’m so glad you found us here so early into your knitting hobby. The folks here are the best and if they don’t know it, it’s not worth knowing.