Yarn troubles

I’m not sure if this is the right place to post this.

I found two balls of this yarn at hobby lobby and fell in love with the colors. I want to make a scarf, my only problem is that I can’t decide what stitch to use. I have tried seed stitch and garter stitch and they both look messy and uneven. I haven’t knitted with this kind of yarn before. Does anyone know what kind of stitch would look good with this yarn? I really love the colors and would like to start making it into a scarf soon.

Lots of folks love the Scrunchable Scarf. I’ve made several and it works great.

I’m not a big fan of Lion Suede although that is a pretty color. I made a couple baby hats with it so they were in stockinette and that worked pretty well. If you do a scarf in stockinette just remember you have to do a border to prevent curling.

You could try My Socalled Scarf. It would look good in a multicolor. I would use larger needles than suggested - I’m not sure this yarn is very stretchable so small needles make it more difficult to knit with.


[color=green]I will try those.

If i use stockinette, how much of a border do I need?[/color]