Yarn told me what it wants to be, but there's a problem

The problem is the yarn picked something I’m not sure if I can make. While the knitting part of it is pretty simple and straightforward, I’m not really understanding the putting it together part. One of the things it calls for is bias tape. I don’t even know what that is.

Yesterday I picked up Knitscene and in it I saw a really cute top. The first thing that popped into my head was the Classic Elite Miracle yarn that I purchased 3 months ago with the intent of making a Corset-T for myself. After looking at the pattern, I saw that it’s made in Classic Elite Bam Boo. Would Miracle be a good substitute for Bam Boo?

I don’t know about the yarn :shrug: but I love the pattern. :inlove: :inlove:

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Nadja xxx

I don’t know an answer to your question, but thank you for listing the mother bear link. That is so exciting. I signed right up. :thumbsup:


i fell in LOVE with that top when i saw it in the magazine. i want to make it SOOOO BAD but figured it looked pretty complicated so i would come back to it later…when my knitting skills upgrade. yeah, i dont know what bias tape is? :??

Bias tape is sold at sewing store.

Have you ever seen something like a placemat which has a different coloured ribbon type thing around the outside of it that is sewn over the edge and finishes the edge of the mat?

That would be bias tape. Often it is used in children’s toys to quickly finish off an edge.

I would guess that it is used in this garment to make those gathers.

It is nothing to be afraid of! If you look at a fabric, the weave is often vertical bars crossed by horizontal bars. Bias tape is fabric that is cut on the diagonal of that pattern.

But it is easiest to buy bias tape at the sewing store!

You can find bias tape at a fabric store. It would be with packets of seam binding, rick rack, etc., usually near threads and zippers. I’m guessing by looking at the pictures that it may be used as a casing for elastic for the back?

As far as substituting yarns, I don’t think that you’d get the same drape with Miracle as with the Bamboo, but I think it would still work fine. (And it sounds like it would be wonderful to knit!) Just be sure to check your gauge because it looks like there is a slight difference in the weight of the yarns. 1/2 stich per inch doesn’t sound like much, but it would make a big difference in the fit of the garment.


Bias tape is used in garments to cover seams and give them a finished look. It may well cover the whole seam that starts under the bustline and goes around the piece.

Looks like Miracle is just slightly lighter weight than bamboo, but the gauge is pretty close. You may need to adjust a bit to get the gauge just right. I’d do it, though–close enough for me!

Pretty pattern, anyway. Give us pictures if you decide to do it!

See, and I thought you were going to say that you didn’t have enough!!! :teehee: