Yarn to knit a top

I’m a fairly new knitter and I want to knit a top for my daugher. This is a sleeveless top, with A-line style. I want to know what kind of yarn would be kind of slinky, or lay and move real nice. It would have to be soft too. Maybe some kind of silk type yarn?

THANKS for any suggestions!

I just finished a tank top with Berrocco “Zodiac” but I don’t have the label here. You can gooogle it to see the exact content, but it has some sort of silk and cotton, I think. At any rate, it knit up well, is comfortable, and lies nicely.

Thanks mimi, I’ll check that out for sure,

I’d suggest Rowan Cathay. It is lovely. I’ve knit a swatch with a sample and loved it so much I had to buy it.

www.littleknits.com has some on sale, too.

A bamboo fiber yarn might be perfect! It’s relatively airy too, so it won’t be overwhelmingly warm during the summer months

I’ve used Classic Elite’s Bam Boo, which I’d highly recommend. But make sure you really wash and stretch out your swatch before taking the gauge.