Yarn Thickness

Since I started knitting I’ve only ever bought 4ply and double knit yarn so I store them seperately in case they get mixed up. I’ve noticed that some of the DK yarn is thinner than the rest and although I no longer have the yarn label I’m sure I checked the details and it was definitely DK.

I was just knitting a dolls dress trying to use up some of my stash and it has come up much too small. It’s a dress I’ve knitted before so I know I haven’t made a mistake anywhere. I used various colours and the blue yarn was thinner than the other colours which is why I think the dress has come out smaller.

I realise I may not be making much sense. My question is can some DK yarns be thicker than other DK yarns?

I’ve not used a lot of DK yarn but I do know there can be a fair amount of variation in WW, some of it I’ve used is closer IMO to DK. Maybe the same variation exists in DK as well. With sock yarn I’ve not noticed the variation, it’s all skinny.

As much as the manufacturers try to hold to a standard, there is certainly variation in yarn thickness within a weight class. It does help to knit a gauge swatch even if you’ve knit with a similar class of yarn before. Often, adjusting needle size will give you the gauge you want and then the size garment you need.

There is a variation, so if size is important, then you should check your gauge. The fiber and the way it’s spun affects the thickness. Some are just ‘poofier’ than others.