Yarn Thickness

So I’m a newbie that’s started this week and really enjoying it so far.

Now, I’ve got 4mm needles and I bought yarn with the words DK after it after recommendation.

I’m finding the yarn really quite thin and difficult to handle, what size should I go to to really give myself a go with and really learn technique!

That size yarn should go pretty well with the needles you have, a thicker yarn will knit up too tight and dense on them, so maybe it’s the needle size. Are you sure it’s 4mm, or a US 4, which is smaller. You could get a worsted weight and 5mm or 6mm, which are US 8 oand 10, maybe that would be easier to handle.


Thanks! I have 2.75mm needles and they are definitely 4mm needles. I’m just finding it quite tricky. Is it worth trying the yarn I have at the moment on the 2.75mm needles?



No 2.75mm cannot be 4mm, they would be US 2s - different sizing system, see this chart. That’s pretty small for the yarn weight; you need something like a US 6, 7 or 8 and I think you’ll be happier with a larger needle, the yarn weight is fine to start with.

So, I DID NOT make myself clear at all! :slight_smile:

I have both 4mm and 2.7mm needles and only one ball of DK wool. Should I just keep going on the 4mm needles with the wool I have?

Which is the best cast-on stitch to do because I think this MAY be where I am going wrong. I’m finding the wool really tight on the needles and very fiddly, if that makes sense?

Which cast on have you been using? I’d think long tail would work well. You can check the free videos link at top of page for tutorials on the different cast ons.

Oh sorry, I thought you meant you had only one set of needles. Yes, the 4mm should be fine.

Try the knit cast on, it’s fairly easy to do and knit into, and shouldn’t be too tight. Also make sure you’re not pull the yarn tight when you do cast on, or leave some spaces between the stitches on the needle.