Yarn thickness

Hope this is not to complicated a question. How do I know what yarn thickness/ply I have created from other yarn? I have lots of coned yarn of different thicknesses
Example:- 2 strands of D/K= ?
1 strand of Aran + 1 strand of D/K =?
2 of 4 ply = ?
Is there any websites with guidance, I.e. Wrapping a number of threads around a finger or card? Thank you in advance

The best way to figure this out is to swatch but an estimate is:
2 strands of lace = DK/sport
2 strands fingering = DK/worsted weight (ww)
2 strands sport = ww
2 strands DK = heavy worsted weight/bulky
2 strands ww = bulky/super bulky

Here’s a site with equivalents for wraps per inch and yarn weight:

and another with a listing:

Thank you for that, I’ve downloaded the chart, very useful especially as I have lots of cones I want to use up. I’ve mixed them with other yarns but never get the same thickness. I’m currently knitting slippers for an Indian orphanage so need the extra thickness

What a wonderful charity and so kind of you to do this.
I once was given several balls made up of 12 thin strands each of coned yarn. I combined two balls to make 24 strands and worked a simple shawl and lapghan with them. Used up a lot of yarn!

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As a hand spinner, I use the 2nd listing or chart that @salmonmac posted (http://spinderellas.com/Yarn%20Weights%20and%20Measures.pdf)

The WPI (wraps per inch) is different than what is shown on the craftsy sight, however the spinderellas chart is based on the Standard Yarn Weight System, which in turn is based on how many yards per pound or what is known as the yarn grist.

Yarn grist is just the more accurate way of knowing the size (diameter) of the yarn based on how many yards are in a lb of the fiber.

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