Yarn that I unraveled

I don’t know if this is a dumb question or not but, here goes. I have some sock yarn that I unraveled from a sock I didn’t like and it is all kinky and when I knit it doesn’t look nice. I don’t know if there is a way to “straighten” the yarn or something…any help would be greatly appreciated.

it should be ok to knit with even though it’s kinky, but…you could wet it down a little (carefully because if it’s not a superwash wool you don’t want it to felt up on you) and hang it to dry, like on a door knob or over a hanger, the shower head, that sort of thing.

ARG! I can’t think of the word here, but wind it up into a big circle or oval…like you might do a vacuum cord…around the back of a chair or around someone else’s hands…oh man…words hard… sorry I’m not making sense…

A hank! A loosely wound coil or figure eight, that’s what I was trying to say… wind it into a hank and dampen it with water, hang it over something to dry. You could weigh it at the bottom if you wanted.

Man. Sorry for all that. Hope it makes a little sense!

If you’re going to wash and skein it, make sure to tie it in several places to avoid it twisting and tangling which’ll make it nearly useless. It helps to weight it while wet and drying to pull out the kinks.


Pic of tied hank.

It makes sense, and thank you both for the help. I will try it!
I was just not satisfied with how it looked, and I know this is the place to find answers! Thanks again.