Yarn Terms & Option Needles

I apologize if someone has already posted this information, but can some one give me some advice on learning what kind of Yarns there are to work with as well as the difference between worsted, bulky, etc.

I went to Knitpicks to see what was offered and I found myself a little confused as to how you order your yarn on line. Silly Question?

Also, the Knitpicks Options- how do those work? I noticed they can switch the tips, they do not seem to be very long- or is that the reason for being circular?

Bombarded- I am sorry! Thanks for the help! I’m a Newbie! xxx

I can’t answer any questions about yarn, I don’t really know the answers myself, but I do know a little about Options.

The needles look short, but you can attach them to different length cables, as they’re circular knitting needles. I haven’t gotten mine in the mail yet (the order is still pending, even after 24 hours :?? ), but I’ve heard they’re fabulous. And, to be honest, nickel plated needles are. :happydance:

I don’t claim to be an authority, but here’s a table on yarn guages Yarn Standards that most if not all yarn companies post on their labels…the little ball of yarn pic anyway to tell you what guage that ball is. Some throw caution to the wind and experiment with different weights and different needles with varying results. Novelty yarns are fun that way, mix a few together and use fat needles. But don’t expect to be able to knit a large size sweater with yarn meant for lace knitting or knit a doily with yarn that’s thick like some ropes are… :teehee: When I first started on actual patterns, I try to adhere to the measurements as best as I could to ensure the end result would be the same if not 95% so as to not make me mad after all that work and time invested was not a disappointment. Even if you purchase yarn that is the exact same as a pattern calls for, each person knits differently so adjusting your needles up or down in size to get the same number of stitches per row might be the thing to do. Do a test swatch to save yourself the frustration(most all patterns of any type of fit importance will beg you to do so). A little research and some good books will even go so far as to give you an example of things knitted with each type of yarn so you can get a feel of what goes with what. I still get hung up on the difference between DK/Worsted/Aran weights, I usually have to do the math and even feel or look at the yarn in person to get a sense of the difference. I love it when yarn stores have balls of each of their yarns out with needles for people to knit a bit to get a feel for it.
Hope my two cents helps somehow :happydance:

There are no silly questions. I believe that KP has an explanation of the requirements but go with the yarn standards that BinkyKat posted.

The Options are measured from needle tip to tip and trust me they are plenty long. Many of us think they are too long and some have performed surgery on their cables to shorten them. There is currently a campaign to get KP to make a 16" circ. I’m hoping they will give in and make a smaller needle but I :heart: :heart: :heart: my Options anyway.

I hope this helps.

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Nadja xxx

and if for some reason you don’t want to knit in the round, options give you two cables in each length and a screw on disc so you can use4 the needles separately.Hope this helps. :star:

you don’t need to use the caps though to knit flat. i use the end caps when i need my points for something else and just want to keep the cable itself in my work. works perrrrrrrfect! :thumbsup:

I agree, the Options are definitely loooong enough almost to a fault. I’m knitting a scarf using the 24" cable and since the scarf isn’t too wide it can almost seem a little clumsy at times. I do love :heart: the Options though, that’s only a small fault compared to how great they are.