Yarn tension

Yet another question… :?? How does everyone knit so evenly? I hear it’s one of those things that needs practice, but does it take a long time to build up? Do you do things like wrap the yarn around your fingers before it goes into your project to hold the yarn at a more constant tension?

And how do you know how tightly to knit? I’ve been told to knit at a tension that’s “comfortable” for me, but as a new knitter, I haven’t found what that is (from looking at my scarf). :roflhard:

Thanks! :heart:

it does take practice… and that’s all you can do is practice! knit a little bit, and then count how many stitches you have per inch… then knit a bit more and count again. With knitting, it’s not necessarily about getting the same tension as everyone else, just being consistant with your own tension. Once you gain more experience, you’ll be able to determine if your tension is typically tighter or looser than the “average” knitter. This doesn’t really matter for scarves, dishclothes, and most bags, but for sweaters, hats… antying that you will wear and has to fit… you’ll beed to find out our guage (stitches per inch) and then adjust until you get the right guage for the pattern. For instance, I am tight knitter, so if a pattern calls for a certain size needle, I know I’m going to have to at least go up one size, and usually 2. Sometimes I have to adjust my yarn too.

you’ll get it with practice! promise!

A friend of mine gave me good advice when I started…“Just don’t knit tightly and don’t pay attention to tension!” Thats something that just sort of comes, the evenness I mean. And thats good advice above, check the gauge and save some tears!