YARN TANGLES while knitting with different colours

:? Hi Knitters,

I’m knitting a Lopi pattern sweater which uses three different colours. Does anyone know of a way to PREVENT the yarn from tangling??

I’m about to pitch the whole pile in the TRASH!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHAGRRRRRGGGHHHH … :frowning:

I’m using the stranding method but no matter how I try and keep the yarn apart, it always comes together again!!!

Thank you!!

well it may make for more weaving in the end but i think it is worth it to preserve my sanity (i have to hang on to what is left ya know!) If you watch Amy’s intarsia video you will see the little yarn bobs that she makes when working in smaller pieces…i do that even with bigger pieces just because i can’t stand the tangling. they will still tangle but the nice thing is that because they aren’t attached to a skein you can untangle them easier.

best suggestion i have.

You can also watch the video for fair isle (stranding technique) as Amy shows how to hold the yarn depending upon your knitting style. If you knit continental & English, you can hold it in each hand, for ex., watch the video & :figureditout: it may certainly help you with the tangling!
Good luck :wink:

Or you can buy those bobbin thingys they sell for that purpose…

If you hold your yarn on the back consistently, with one color above the other all the time, they shouldn’t tangle too much. If you twist your yarns, then the strands get twisted, too.

You could also try just cutting long strands from each ball and periodically pulling each one out of the tangle. I’ve used bobbins and they’re often more trouble than they’re worth since they catch on each other. You can try the small ball way, but they can also get caught on each other.

When I do intarsia, tangling is always an issue, but for stranded, holding the yarn the same way all the time, usually with your main color on top, and your cc(s) under–as you hold them parallel across the back, you shouldn’t have as much of a problem.