Yarn Swift

Greetings, I am brand new here, and I’m excited to learn a lot here. I’d say I’m a beginner, all I’ve done are scarves and blankets.
Then I start purchasing the really good yarn, and the yarn store in my city closed. The always wound my purchases. I finally broke down and got the winder, and have been using my feet as the swift…

I need advice please. Would you recommend what you think is best, I need to break down and get one. Retailers online charge you for this service. The Amish ones caught my eye because they are cheap and small. Cost is a big factor for me in purchasing one of these.
I really appreciate any insight you can recommend.
Thank you,

By the way, would you know how I got a nickname of “Casting On” under my name? I didn’t do it.
Please bear with me as I learn how to use this forum.

I think casting on just means you’re new or just starting here :slight_smile:

I bought a swift a few years ago for about $50 but I can’t remember where. I’ve since parted ways with it :frowning: so now I just use 2 of my dining chairs.

I bought my swift last summer from KnitPicks. They were running a special, and the swift was maybe $50, so it qualified for free shipping.


I have a wooden swift, Swedish I think. I didn’t mind spending the money at the time because I figured it would last a lifetime.

I saw one clever idea, though. The person put her yarn on a lampshade and loosened the top so it spun. Voila!

There are even handmade plans out there that you can make using a lazy susan, so you really don’t need to spend a lot. The winder is the critical element, I think.

I have a wooden swift that I made. It uses 2 yard sticks, 4 wooden coat rack pegs, small dowels, a couple of board and a lazy Susan base. The most expensive item was the lazy Susan base, Lowe’s for about $5.00 US

Total cost to me about $10.