Yarn swift tutorial

Help! After helping me wind a hank of yarn, DH has offered to make me a swift. But I cant find the tutorial that I thought I had earmarked. Anyone have the link for the tutorial? I know I’ve seen a couple different ones, but my search on MSN came up empty.

Found it!

I don’t know which tutorial you have but I thought I’d post these two very different ones. I just made the pdf. one:

because the only lazy Susan I could find was crappy and also expensive.

I like this one much better. Tip: I couldn’t find any bolts for sale that had threads so close to the head, so I made my own very easily by buying threaded rod (the bolt body part) and cutting it to exact length with a hacksaw (24 tooth blade should be okay for metal) and attaching a Nylock nut (these lock on permanently, it worked as the head of the bolt).
Also, if you want to use a CD as the washer, your bolt should be nearly as thick as the hole in the middle of the CD.

Here’s the other one: http://knitting-interrupted.com/swirl-instructions/

This will only be as good as your turntable but is a fast and easy way of making a swift.

Whichever one you have, you may be interested in seeing the other one.


My hubby made me the craftydiversions one this afternoon! I love it :happydance:

My FIL made me the crafty deversions one also and it works great

hey, i noticed that your ball winder is one of the two they have on Joann.com : http://joann.com/catalog.jhtml?CATID=24985

the other one is more expensive and appears to have a better quality, but i’m wondering if the other one works just as well :shrug: . have you had any problems with it?

The one in the picture I got as a 16th birthday present, Iam turning 33 in a month…lol…So it has long outlasted my expectations, it still works great, could prob use a little spray lubricate as it is a little noisey, but that didn’t happen until my 11 year old accidently dropped it. It has a small crack in the bottom edge from the drop (Iam assumming that it cracked due to the age of it).

Over all I give it a A+ it was worth the 70.00 it cost back in the day…:slight_smile: (1990)