Yarn swift question

I’m fairly new to knitting and have been looking at ball winders and switfts and reading other threads on this topic.

One I’m considering buying has a different structure than the one I’ve used in the store. I’d appreciate comments from those of you who are more familiar with swifts and how they work as to whether this kind of swift would work as well as the ones that look more like umbrellas.


I have one of these swifts and like it very much. I purchased it online from:

Knitting Notions: Kettle dyed Yarn, Yarn Swift Skeinwinder, and more - Welcome

a couple of years ago. I like the fact that it doesn’t need to be clamped to the table, spins smoothly, and has no extra places for yarn to catch. I have used it both to wind hanks of yarn into balls and to measure how much yarn I had left by winding from the remaining ball onto the swift and counting the number of turns. It is easy to store and set up. Finally, I really appreciate the simple beauty of the handcrafted swift. It’s a work of art all on it’s own.


I have one exactly like those that you have pictured and I love it. It’s so easy to use, and the number one thing I like, I don’t have to clamp it down to anything. It stores easily and I just love it.

I got mine off of ebay.


Crafty Diversions has directions to make a couple of swifts similar to the one you showed. I am planning on buying the directions from her off of Ravelry. She also has 2 of her 3 swift designs on her blog.

Dh made me one like from that site… I think it’s wonderful!


Crafty Diversions has the instructions to make these right here.

Thanks so much for your responses. I’ve decided to go ahead and get a swift and ball winder from the store the pictures came from.


I got a ball winder from knitpicks. I like it a lot. I’ve never used a swift.

[COLOR=blue]We just built one like you have pictured here and it works great![/COLOR]
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