Yarn swift dimensions

[COLOR=blue]Good Morning all! I finally ordered my Royal yarn winder from Herrschners. When I checked this morning it was in NORTHBROOK, IL, US - has been there for a couple days. :pout: [/COLOR]
[COLOR=blue]We have decided to make a swift out of PVC pipe and elbows… lol I know, it sounds strange. But I found a picture of one and it looks like it will work great! my problem is the dimensions… could someone tell me how long a typical hank of yarn is? I will try an attach a picture of the swift we want to make. Any and all input is appreciated! :hug: [/COLOR]
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HOpe this helps!

[COLOR=blue]Thanks! :hug: There is a swift online that accomodates a range from 29 inches to 72 inches. so if I cut the pipes 12 inches each with the adjustible elbows that should work (maybe?) lol. [/COLOR]

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I found directions from Crafty Diversion on Ravelry (if your a member) she has a store there that you cna buy directions for 3 different swifts that are made for wood and costs about $20. Her directions are $1.99 and that gets you all 3 sets of directions.