Yarn Swap

I was wondering , since it has been a few months since the big 2 month yarn swap last summer, and I have almost used all my goodies from my partner.

Does anyone want to do this again now that Christmas is long gone???

Just a thought. :happydance:

I would love to! I had a lot of fun with the last one!

If we do it, I’m definitely in. I got the best gift in the world last time around - Becka’s friendship!

I’m a newbie – what’s involved in a yarn swap? Thanks for the info!

Or you could just go buy some yarn that you know you’ll love. :teehee:

I am horrible at picking out my own yarn, Sara Jayne picked out stuff I would have never gotten and I totally loved it :slight_smile:

What is this? If it’s what I think it is I’m in.

I had fun last time…I might just have to participate again…

fill us clueless on what this involves and if I like it, I am in too!


:happydance: :cheering: :muah: I’m in…

I’ve never participated in a yarn swap, but I’ve wanted to. I’m interested! What’s involved?

Last summer Brendajos organized a yarn swap for the board (in the KAL section).

We each had a “secert” partner that was chosen for us, based on price categories, or how much we were willing to spend on a partner.

In June & July (I think) we all sent a package to our swap partner full of yarn (within the price brackets) and goodies that we thought they’d enjoy. There was a questionaire before hand about color preferences and fiber preferences. That swap had 2 packages sent out.

It was a great way to get to know people, spoil people, and, as Laura said, discover some yarn that perhaps we’d never have considered for ourselves.

It was a ton of fun!

ME! ME! ME! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:
The last swap was SO MUCH FUN !!!

I was hoping we could do this again!! I am in if we do!! :cheering: :cheering:

I’m in !! I loved the last swap.

I’m totally in!

So this is kind of like a Secret Knitter (secret santa) ?? Is it that each person is giving to someone else or are we paired up and we exchange with that person we’re paired up with :?? ? I’ve never done a yarn swap before so i’m a little nervous (in a good way :aww: ) But i would LOVE to join. OoOooOoOo my first yarn swap ever :woot: :yay:

Last time the swap was done we were not paired up, we each had some one different to swap with and it was “secert” - we didn’t reveal ourselves until the last pacakge.

I’m definitely in when you organize it so let us know!

This sounds great… count me in too!