Yarn Swap Poll~~~CLOSED

how many yarn swaps should we do? I forgot to put a time limit on this but this poll will END Friday, March 16, 2007.

My first yarn swap! Hooray!!!

I think people should have the opportunity to swap if they want to every month or every other month~! although I admit I never have :oops:

Although Brenda suggested, based on her experience with the last swap, that we should do this for 1 month (1 swap), it looks like we might be swaping for 2 months. I’ll wait till the end of today (FRIDAY) to see what you all want…i’m here to please :notworthy: …or at least i’m trying :teehee:

[color=indigo] :star: Monday, March 19, 2006 I will be posting the SECRET KNITTERS SIGN UP :star: [/color]

I had to switch swap pals last time … It is hard when what you send never really gets acknowledged … I can’t imagine … NOT GETTING ANYTHING !!! How selfish is that ??? I know that keeping track of that must have been crazy! Anyone who could not get their swap together and mailed certainly had the best intentions … sometimes things happen. I also know that there were some wonderful yarn swap faries who sent to more than one person when there was a problem.

Two months sounds wonderful and fun and exciting … One month is really more “do-able”. Kblue … you are doing a great job so far !!! Be sure and make this easy on YOU … we appreciate you for making this happen … one month OR two :slight_smile:

I’d go for a 1 month swap and when everything goes smoothly, you can always start a new swap for the next month. (but that just my humble opinion)

I second that thought.

OoOooo now its 1 month humm but it’s close right now and too early to tell…its 8:53am where i am right now :teehee: ok i’ll keep checking in on it through out the rest of the day. Remember MONDAY :happydance:

Maybe a one month swap, then do one early fall before Christmas budget goes into effect and folks don’t have extra money.

Is there a formal sign up sheet floating around. I expressed my desire in the discussion thread but want to make sure I am on the list if I missed something :slight_smile: How cool are you to take this on! :hug:

Really its no trouble at all :mrgreen: There isn’t an OFFICIAL sign up sheet yet. So if anyone sent something to someone already thinking they signed up for THIS swap they made a mistake and hopefully will figure it out.
[color=indigo]MONDAY i will post the OFFICIAL SIGN UP SHEET.[/color] :cheering:

I have heard a lot about a yarn swap, But here is my question.

From what I have read you swap New yarn and not stuff you have laying around?

And If I have to go buy new stuff (I don’t mind) The stores I have to choose from are Hobby lobby and Wal-mart. I would not be able to find a NICE yarn from these places, Like you would if I had a Yarn store.

If that is ok, I want in!!

yes thats right you would be buying new yarn for the person you are giving to. Walmart, Hobby Lobby, LYS i thing all knitters appreciate yarn where ever it may be from maybe even more so if it’s a gift. You will be able to choose which of the 4 price catagories you would like to be in for the swap.

[color=indigo]MONDAY!!! :woohoo:[/color]

Last time I ordered some online.

DUH :doh: :doh: Kristinw… I didn’t even think about that one!!! Yes a very good idea… Ok where do I sign… OH on MONDAY… Got it… will look for it. :cheering: :heart:

ok so it looks like we will be swaping for 1 month and this is as of 7:32 pm

Sounds like fun to me~!

alright then…the 1 months have it :teehee:

:star: :star: [color=indigo]MONDAY MONDAY MONDAY[/color] :star: :star:

Ooh another yarn swap!~ I’ll be in it. It was a great experince last time. :cheering: