Yarn Swap Box Activity Reflections!

Back in January I started an activity I dubbed the Yarn Swap Box in which a box full of yarn is sent to a list of participants. At each stop, the person takes anything they want from the box and replaces it with something else from their stash and then sends the box on to the next destination.

We had 7 total participants this time around, a small but excellent group to try this new activity out. Now that the box has made its ways back home, it’s time to see how it went and to share improvement ideas.

As the hostess, I thoroughly enjoyed watching the box move from destination to destination and getting to know each person’s personalities and tastes. I do have to admit, I was a little too newbie to the knitting/yarn community to really be an effective starting person for the box, but I’ve learned how different everyone’s tastes can really be! As such, I think the general structure and amount of people in the swap was a good number. Things I would do differently if I hosted again would be to be a lot more specific about the types of yarns that can go in the box and likewise separate participants into more fitting groups for their preferences in yarn and make the boxes fit the group. I think that’s the biggest thing that stood out to me that I didn’t anticipate. I would probably also slightly lengthen the time frame for shipping the box because sometimes life just happens! I really liked shipping the box internationally, but it just can’t be helped that the Postal service can be terrible across countries! That’s a bummer, but something also to consider in the future.

I’d like to thank my guinea pig participants and invite them to tell about their experience!