Yarn suggestions

My sister in law had requested monster pants

I don’t know what yarn to use, I don’t really want to go to my lys as I’m pretty sure they won’t get worn so I don’t want to spend a lot…
Am I best buying yarn from like knit picks (and which one as I’ve never ordered from them) or just some acrylic from michaels or something?

Thanks for your suggestions!

If they’re for a kid, I’d personally go with acrylic. It can take a lot of abuse and still just get thrown in the washer and dryer. And, if they’re going to be outgrown soon, I don’t see where making them out of an expensive yarn would be practical.

Just my thoughts - others probably have differing opinions.:wink:

I like the idea of acrylic too or acrylic/superwsh blend. Swish worsted seems to be pretty popular and KnitPicks also has Mighty Stitch, which looks like it might be nice.

I had pretty much decided on swish but then I read reviews that it’s not good anymore. Thus I came to your brilliant minds if that was still my best bet or not