Yarn suggestions?

ok Im making THIS

Ive never been real fond of making something for a child that you cant machine wash and dry so, using the suggested yarn is completly out.

I would like to make this from a yarn that has …

GREAT drape…it NEEDS good drape to keep things where they belong…

Good stitch definition…for obvious reasons.

GOOD color…this little girl never asks me for anything knitted. she dont think a knitted item would be fashionable. Mom shops at malls ONLY. imma convert this little girl while shes young if it kills me. so the color must be great. would like it to be the same color as the model is wearing or as close as possible. a deep red is what im seeing.

Machine wash and dryable…who makes things for the children of busy moms that you cant wash?? I wouldnt even make something for myself that i couldnt machine wash and dry.

Light…the pattern calls for a dk weight yarn and i know there are some dk yarns out there that are light. She gets hot easily. If the dress is heavy, and hot, she wont wear it.

I have looked at “cotlin” from knit picks but wonder about the drape and color. Has anyone knitted with this stuff? I think brown sheep has a line that might work as well but havent seen the color selection.

What do yall think???

Any suggestions would be great.

What about using Lustersheen? It’s a woven acrylic yarn, considered sport weight, but has a nice drape.

Lustersheen is much thinner than sportweight, it’s a fingering weight yarn, though it is very nice.

The pattern mentions subbing DK weight which is thicker than sport. You could use a thin worsted like Caron Simply Soft, or any other yarn which would use a size 6 needle.

Yes, but what?

I was looking for some suggestions on yarn brands. Guess I didnt make myself clear.

It’s just that there’s sooooo many out there. One way to find subs is go to yarndex.com. Put in the name of the yarn in the pattern, and on the upper right of the entry you can click to find more the same gauge. That should give you some to look up.

Knitpicks has several dk weight yarns, and so does elann.com