Yarn suggestions

I want to knit the feather and fan pattern, and can’t decide what color, and what type of yarn would compliment this pattern the best.

What do you think? Plain white? any solid color? color with little flecks of sparkle? what?:knitting:

What is it you’re going to make?

Feather and fan is a stitch pattern, so it depends what you want to make–a shawl with that pattern? Socks? Afghan? I saw a baby bonnet, fingerless mitts, scarves…lots! (I looked on Ravelry). So, what you want to make will depend on what yarn, of course…as far as colorways, it produces some cool, colorful waves if you use a striping yarn, and it looks beautiful in a solid…oh, decisions decisions! Let us know what you decide!

With things like shawls, scarves, I usually just pick my favorite yarn from my stash and go with it. So what if it’s not gauge? It’s not a sweater or anything! If I cast on and it looks too small, I pick another yarn. or you can always double the yarn. Do whatever you want, use whatever you want. That is the beauty of scarves/shawls!:yay: