Yarn Suggestions?

So, for Hannukah, I want to get yarn to make Hannahfrom the new magknits. Because that’s probably going to be the only yarn I’ll ask for, and it only needs 106 yards, I’ve decided that I want something really lovely and nice and maybe splurge-y.

Any suggestions? The pattern calls for a bulky yarn. The gauge is 15 sts and 20 rows = 4" on US size 10 needles.

I’ve been browsing online a bit, but nothing’s really jumped out at me.


Oooh. I like yarn shopping… :slight_smile:

There this: http://yarndex.com/yarn.cfm?yarn_id=1589 It’s a merino wool/cashmere blend

Or this: http://yarndex.com/yarn.cfm?yarn_id=3805

THIS one is gorgeous: http://yarndex.com/yarn.cfm?yarn_id=2958

I dunno. Lots of fun stuff out there. (Notice when you said “splurge-y” my mind jumped straight to cashmere and blends… ^_^)

Try this website, they have a LOT of yarn! http://www.knitpicks.com/