Yarn Suggestions?

I just received my pattern book for the Great American Aran Afghan and DH and I are begining out hunt for the perfect yarn this weekend.

It calls for Plymouth Encore (80% acrylic, 20% wool), 9 wraps/inch and #256 Aran color.

The problem is that I can’t find this brand at Michael’s or Joann’s. Before I head out to the LYS’s in the area I wanted to see if anyone had any recommendations/suggestions for a replacement. I’m not sure what brands and colors would look and feel good and still show the beautiful patterns. I was thinking about an Alpaca blend but since this afghan will actually be used the yarn needs to be machine washable.

I know that there are great places to order this yarn online but I want to feel the yarn first and see it under natural light before I buy 20 balls of it.

Thanks for any help you can provide!

I really like Encore. I’m not surprised that Michaels and them don’t carry it. I would be surprised, however, if your lys doesn’t carry it. I like it and it comes in lots of nice colors.

I used Encore and I’m really glad that I did. It’s a nice soft yarn and machine washable! :slight_smile:

However, it’s a typical worsted weight yarn, which for you, leaves the door wide open. Any worsted yarn will work. At Michaels or Joanns, Lion Brand Wool-Ease comes to mind, but it’s not nearly as soft as Encore, and I personally wouldn’t use it. Your best bet is a LYS. You just need a worsted weight. The rest of the factors (color, fiber content, price) are all up to you. :thumbsup:

I’m not sure how rushed you are to aquire your yarn; but I’ve bought Plymouth Encore off eBay on a number of occasions.

I just found online that the place we’re all going on the 23rd to meet (Illinois knitters) carries Plymouth yarn. I’m going to head over there today and hope they don’t mind me feeling around. I have to hold it to my face and have my hubby try it too.

Silver - Since you’ve finished yours have you noticed that the light color shows dirt and stuff quickly? I’m worried with my cats (black and grey) that their hair would make me want to wash it every day. That’s my main reason for not deciding on that color right off the bat.

I have 2 indoor black cats, who love to lay on my blankets. I washed the afghan when it was finished, and haven’t had to wash it again yet. :slight_smile:

My DH is just amazing. We went to Kool Knits and right before I walked in I said “so we’re agreed then to not buy any yarn today - we’re just looking and feeling, ok?” He agreed.

We walked out with a bag-o-yarn!!!

The lady’s were so helpful and had just enough for me all within the same dye lot. DH just looked at me and said “we’re here, they have the yarn, just get it now”. We didn’t like the Aran color since it reminded us of my cousin’s wife’s wedding dress so we got color 7357. It’s a little lighter color with specks of light tan for more texture.

I am in complete yarn purchase shock. I can’t believe I have all of theis now. He confirmed that this is one mile of yarn total. I need to get going!

It’s gorgeous! Is there anything so exciting as a bag full of beautiful new yarn?!? :mrgreen:

Hooray!!! I can’t wait to see your progress on it! :slight_smile: Check out The Great American Afghan Along too.

I didn’t like the Aran color either. Mine is #146, Soft White. I love the color you picked! It will be interesting seeing how the two colors make the afghan look different.

Thanks for the knit along site! I’ll have to get my DH to update our website for me to allow a progress/blog page.

One last question, do you find the needles for the general gage and just stick with them for all of the squares? Each square has different sizes ranging from 5-8 so I’m a little confused.