Yarn suggestions?

My mum has asked me to make her a vest. The original pattern calls for worsted weight wool, but she lives in Texas so that’s WAY too warm for her to wear. She would like to see it in a cotton, or cotton blend, instead.

I’ve found several, but they’re all the wrong weight and/or guage.

Do any of you expert knitters have some suggestions for me? Nothing too pricey, please, as my mum is on a retiree budget. :slight_smile:

My first thought is Cascade Pima Tencel. Very classy yarn… smooth silky finish. Natural fiber cotton/tencel mix, breathes well. Retail price on this runs about $4 for 50g

If you don’t want something as smooth as that then my next choice would be Blue Sky Organic Cotton or if you prefer their other colors, they have a non-organic cotton. VERY soft, very nice, different look and feel from the Pima Tencel. the organic and their regular cotton. This runs about $9 for 100g (so very similar to the price of the pimatencel).

I’m sure others will have more ideas, plus you can check out Yarndex and fill in the weight you want and fiber type and it will give you a list.

Mama Bear

What is the gauge you are looking for exactly!

What about the Knitpicks Shine worsted?

Ohhhhh!!! The Knitpicks Shine would probably be perfect!! I’m going to send her the links to all listed here and see what she has to say.

TY so much!!! :slight_smile: