Yarn suggestions PLEASE

Hi all, My 4 1/2 grandson wants a sweater with a hood (aka sweatshirt) that is rainbow. Having trouble finding yarn. I found a knit pattern on ravelry that requires bulky yarn but cannot find the rainbow ombre yarn. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Can i use worsted weight double? and what would that do to the rainbow look of the ombre? Thanks all.

Yes two strands of worsted weight would equal a bulky but best to try it out on a gauge swatch.
You would need to use an ombre that is consistent from one ball to the next or be willing to cut the yarns to make adjustments if they get out of sync.
What about buying different balls of yarn in rainbow colors or looking for paintbox yarn packages? You could then be sure of the color changes.

You didn’t say what fiber you want, but since it’s for a 4 yr old I assume something washable. Knitpicks has great yarn and good prices. Here’s some bulky acrylic. You’d have to change colors, but you could get the rainbow.

Thanks, I decided to go with rainbow stripes and it came out great.

Thanks, i went with different color stripes to make the rainbow he requested. It looks great.

That’s wonderful news. Glad it turned out well. If you’d like to post a photo, we’d love to see one!

How do I post a pic?

Hit the Reply button and in the Reply box that opens, click on the up arrow in the middle of the ribbon at the top. That’ll give you the opportunity to browse your computer for the photo and upload it.


Thanks for your help. I posted it!

And I’m so happy you did! Darling. What an eye for color your grandson has. That’s sure to be a hit.

Super cute!