Yarn Suggestions Please!

I’m bummed! There are so many wonderful projects I’d love to dive into but - frankly- I CANNOT afford the yarn! So, here I am. I intend to visit a couple of shops today but I thought I’d check with the experts on this board for recommendations. I know that the quality of the yarn and ultimately, the end product, is going to be determined by the quality of the yarn. I’m looking for decent subs - if they are out there.

The poncho I’d love to make calls for 6 skeins of Rowan Big Wool (at $14.95/skein) and 2 skeins of Gedifra Techno Hair (don’t know how much this costs).

Does anyone know, off the top of their heads any good sub for the Rowan Big Wool?? The needles recommended are US15 and US17. I think I’ll have an easier time finding a sub for the Gedifra since it’s novelty yarn which the craft stores are flooded with right now.

Any help appreciated!


I’d try knitpicks and eBay. Look for similarity in gauge and weight. Perhaps email the sellers of both websites and ask them for suggestions. I’m fairly new to knitting, so I don’t really know specific suggestions, but I know where to look!

Or just wait for Ingrid, she knows everything.

You could also give Elann a try, I just got an email with new yarns from them :smiley:

Well I know that most people don’t like the lionbrand yarns, but there are a couple that are nice to work with. One of them is Wool-Ease and they make a “Thick and Quick” that is a wool/acrylic blend. It looks similar to your yarn, althought I can’t vouch for the colors available. Here is the link to that. There is also lionbrand “BIG” which is closer to your size of yarn, but I think is more acrylic than wool.

I’m currently working with Lion Brand Baby Soft because it closely matches Plymouth Dreambaby Kokonut DK in gauge, weight, and fiber content. I think it feels pretty soft and the Kokonut is no longer available.

Thanks to all of you for taking the time to reply! I bought 5 skeins of Lions Brand Thick and Quick and compared them side by side with the Rowan Big Wool (discreetly!) at my LYS. The Rowan does feel a bit nicer…but not $10 nicer!

I too am a bit snotty about the quality of my yarn but, let’s face it, if it means the difference between being able to even DO a project or not, I’ll suck it up and start knitting!

I had to invest in the needles (still starting out!) and I did splurge on the fancy eyelash yarn - it was $10 and felt so much nicer than the $4 sub. I’m only using one color of eyelash instead of 2 so the grand total for supplies came to $55 (including needles) give or take a buck. That’s much easier to swallow than the $150 I would have spent. Since I’m still a beginner - if I love the end product I’ll just have to splurge and make myself another in a different color with the premium yarn. For now, I’m on a budget.

Thanks again!!