Yarn Suggestions for Clapotis?

My grandma is turning 80 in a month and I’ve decided to knit her Clapotis.
I’m not really sure what yarn to use, I’m not familiar with the yarn the pattern suggests so I’ve been looking at other Clapotis pictures to find something suitable and easily accessible (at my LYS).

I’m considering going with my beloved Malabrigo, but, it DOES tend to pill, and I don’t know if Clap will look as good when it’s all fuzzy.

I’ve seen beautiful pieces in Noro, but, people say the yarn itself can be pretty rough. I don’t have much experience with Noro, but, since the Clapotis can be worn around the neck I figure it should be soft. Is Noro Silk Garden a decent option?

I just recently saw a picture of Clapotis made with Cascade 220. I know the yarn stores around me carry Cascade but I’m not sure how soft it is. Anyone with first hand experience?

Thanks for your help!

Maybe try the KALs?

I did a search for it on KH and came up with a bunch of good links – here’s one that led me to many other good links including one with a picture of one done in Malabrigo that is just yummy:

[color=blue]I wanna see your Clapotis[/color]

There aren’t many pictures in the thread itself but there are links to lots of pictures including a google search that leads to many blogs with Clapotis images.

At first I would have said that the big M would be too fuzzy for that pattern but now I think you should go for it. Work up a swatch and let us know how it comes out.

I’ve been thinking about making one for myself as I am travelling to Paris in April and would love to be sitting in some outdoor cafe wearing my Clapotis.

I am getting some of [color=blue]this[/color] (in Tequila Sunrise) in the mail soon and am thinking it will be perfect.

Hope this helps a bit – gotta run and get dd ready for school.

Let us know what you decide.


I am planning to start the Clapotis soon, and I bought some KnitPicks Shimmer for it. I’ve seen a few pictures of the finished product done with Shimmer and it looks very good!

I have some Duet from Brooks Farm Yarnsand I know KellyK knit one out of a yarn from them too.

Really any worsted weight yarn would work - just pick what grabs you!

I’ve started one in Noro Silk Garden (colorway 217) and it’s turning out really pretty. The yarn feels rough in your hands, but it is softer when knitted up, and I think it’ll be even softer after washing.

I’m doing a slightly smaller version right now using HandMaiden Lady Godiva and a strand of very fine copper-colored metallic thread from Drops. The Lady Godiva is wonderful, I’m using the Nova Scotia colorway. It is soft, and I’m hoping since it is plied that it will pill less than a single ply like the Lorna’s Laces Lion and Lamb the pattern was written for, or like Malabrigo (which definitely pills fast, I tell you). You can see Lady Godiva here:

Go to Flickr and do a search for “Clapotis”. You’ll get lots of results.

I made one in Knitpick’s shimmer triple stranded, and others made it double stranded. It’s very soft and lightweight yet warm. I also made several in Caron’s Simply Soft in the solid colors and one in SS Shadows, though I didn’t care so much for how that one came out, but my recipient did.

Almost any yarn will work except very fuzzy ones as it’s hard to drop the stitches. I don’t like how Noro feels, but people say once it’s handled and blocked it’s soft. :shrug: Alternatives with long color changes would be Rowan Tapestry and Paton’s SWS.


Check out Lorna’s Laces Fisherman yarn on ebay. It’s not superwash, but comes in most of their colorways. And the yardage is great. I wouldn’t go with the Cascade 220, it’s too scratchy. I made one from Patons SWS, and while the striping was really pretty, the clap was REALLY FUZZY. Not exactly what I was looking for. Other people have used the Caron’s Simply Soft with good results. I think a monochromatic Clap would be very pretty as well, esp in that dark red Caron’s SS. But I don’t think you could go wrong whatever you chose - it’s such a pretty pattern!

Thanks for all the help and suggestions everyone!

I went to a not-so-LYS today to finally get my yarn. I wanted to start knitting today since the recipient of the Clapotis will be turning 80 in 4 weeks. I had Noro Silk Garden in mind because I couldn’t decide on a solid color and Noro is multi-colored thereby solving any solid color issues.
The pattern calls for a little over 800 yards… I checked the price of Noro and it was more than $12/skein of about 110 yards. So, about $100 for the Clap. :doh: Definitely WAY over what I was willing to spend.

Sadly, the store had no Malabrigo which was my 2nd choice.
They DID have Lorna’s Laces though (the suggested yarn in the pattern), but, that too was a little on the pricey side.
The LYS ladies were really helpful and showed me many possible substitutes. I narrowed it down to Cascade 220 and a Wool/Acrylic blend. I finally chose the Cascade because there were more colors to pick from. I ended up going with 4 skeins of a purple heather for only $7.50 each.

I cast on (and frogged 5 times already!) and finally got the hang of the pattern. Now I’m in the 2nd repeat of section 2. It’s the largest project I’ve attempted and I’m terrified, but, I’ll knit hard!

Thanks again everyone!