Yarn suggestions for a large Afghan needed

I just received Barbara Walker’s Learn to knit Afghan Book. I cannot wait to start.

I need 80oz worsted yarn to knit. Please help to suggest yarn that is easy to wash, and easy to knit, and of course, inexpensive.

anybody has experiences with Bernat Satin or Berella “4”?

I haven’t used them, but I’ve heard good things about both. Also Caron Simply Soft.

Bernat Satin is a great yarn - inexpensive, super soft and good colours. I haven’t used it for an afghan, but it makes great accessories!

My only caution would be not to use it for fringe or tassels because it unravels and doesn’t look very good. Also, you may want to think about sewing your ends in with a bit of thread because they also tend to unravel and stick out.

Hope this helps!

Barella 4 is great to work with and looks nice when finished. Good luck!

I second the Bernat Satin and the Caron Simply Soft. Nice and cuddly!