Yarn suggestion?

A friend of mine has a daughter who is turning one soon, i would like to make her blanket that can be used as she gets older, i had an idea of making a simple blanket by knitting some squares sewing them together and knitting a border inbetween the squares as well as a border on the edge of the blanket. any suggestions on what type of yarn would be best?

Anything washable. Squares are a good idea, but I suggest crocheting them together so the blanket is more reversible. Some seams work well though, too.

i dont crohet, would the border between the squares work?

It will work. Seaming knitting just tends to leave a ridge. If that doesn’t bother you then it’s not a problem. You can knit a couple small swatch squares and put the edge on them and practice seaming to get it the way you like it.

thanks, if i do the squares in different patterns, what do i about the backside, do i have to knit a backing?

Knit a backing? I think that might be really, really thick and heavy unless you’re using a lace or fingering weight yarn, but maybe that’s just me.

Personally, I’d probably do whatever I could to make it all in one piece. You can even create a look of blocks that way. Here’s a few ideas. (Ravelry is free to join)

If you have your heart set on making squares and seaming them though go for it. If you practice a bit first like I suggested I’m sure it’ll be beautiful.

If you don’t like the look of the back of the finished blanket, you can always back it with a light flannel. It won’t add too much to the weight and it will cover the seams.