Yarn suggestion

I’m looking for a varigated aran weight yarn to make a baby sweater…I’m flexible on colors…any suggestions?

Are you asking for suggestions on colors or brands of yarn? I can’t help much on the different yarn brands (right now I stick with inexpensive stuff, LOL!), but I do know that lots of yarns used to make baby items now come in great pastel shades using white, yellow, and green, or sometimes white, yellow, lavender, and green; or some variation of those hues. Makes it simpler if you are doing it ahead of time and don’t know whether to go with the traditional blue or pink. Personally, I think those color blends are prettier than the blues and pinks, anyway. :wink:

Here is a nice 100% Merino Wool Handwash.

I have had my eye on this felted machine washable tweed but haven’t bought any yet.