Yarn suggestion for hat

HI! After searching for two days for my husband’s winter hats we have given up and I’ll just knit him a couple of new ones. I use this pattern:


The previous two used cheap merino yarn from one of the big companies and I’m sure I got it at Ben Franklin or somewhere like that. It wasn’t great. It was durable but itchy and didn’t hold it’s shape…it lost it’s spring.

Can you suggest a great wool yarn in a DK weight? He will want black or something super un fancy and price isn’t a issue…I’d rather that it was spectacular yarn than cheap.

Any thoughts? THANKS!

I’m thinking about this yarn:


I was looking at Malabrigo but wasn’t sure their DK yarn was right for this. My husband is also a plumber so the the madelinetosh being washable is a plus. Is this one a good choice?

I’ve used Tosh DK for a hat and love it. Also Malabrigo Rios is lovely and soft yet durable (no pills). I’ve make sweaters with Valley Yarns Supewash DK and like that too.
Nice pattern! Thanks for the link.

Oh! I forgot about Malabrigo…that stuff is amazing. I’ve never heard of Valley Yarns so I’ll for sure check it out! Thank you!!

Yeah, it’s a simple, functional hat pattern. Nothing fancy but that’s how he likes it. And I can kind of use any yarn but have always used what the pattern calls for. After knitting a cable hat for the first time, finishing, and having to give it to my friend’s new baby because it was so small…I’m not ready to be burned on size again. hahaha

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Pretty much you can substitute for the pattern yarn if you stick with yarn weight and gauge. Sometimes this backfires and yes, a baby benefits.
I forgot to say that Valley Yarns is the house brand at the yarn source, Webs.

Oh! Thanks! I was wondering where to get it. I’ll go look now!