Yarn suggestion? Felted slippers

I’ve made two wonderful pairs of felted slippers (fuzzy feet), which I LOVE!

I used Patons Classic Wool Merino and Lion Wool. Both pairs had holes wear in the bottoms way more quickly than I’d like.

I wear them around the house for warmth. We have hardwood and carpet thoughout the house.

I read here recently that merino is soft and doesn’t hold up well for socks, and obviously,that is my experience.

So…what is good for this sort of project? Can you get those non-skid slipper bottoms in some other color besides that beige? (I had for the bottoms of my slippers to be covered up in that,when the wool is so pretty!!!)

Any thoughts??

I’m making my niece some felted slippers from Wool Of The Andes right now. Just finished the heels about half an hour ago. I don’t know yet what they will be like when they’re felted but I might reinforce the heels and toes.

I have made several pairs of the Fuzzy Feet, too. They are great! My mom had the same problem. She wore holes in the toes. I made another pair for her, doubling the yarn in the toe and the heel. I didn’t think that it affected the look of the slippers very much. So far they are holding up!

I think that any of these basic wools are the best thing for them, but I don’t think there is going to be much difference.

Cascade 220
Lion Wool
Patons Classic Wool
KP Wool of the Andes

I am planning on getting some leather pieces and making a ‘sole’ to help prevent slippage and wear and tear on the bottoms of my slipper socks. I bet it would work well for the felted slippers as well! I want to go look at these and see which one would suit my purposes best.

I just made felted mittens with a wool/bamboo yarn by Moda Dea and it felted wonderfully! They are super soft and squishy and I hear that bamboo is really durable.

I can’t actually get my DD to WEAR the mittens but they look great! Maybe next time I’ll make them for myself!!

Thanks! The links look great…creative and cheaper & better colors than the slipper bottoms designed for the purpose

I’ve made a similar pattern with Lamb’s Pride Bulky and they’re wearing like iron! The pattern had originally called for Lopi.

I remade the pattern with two strands of a worsted weight wool and feel that they felted better and stronger with the single-strand of bulky.

I used KP’s Wool of the Andes for my kid’s a few years ago. I need to make them both a larger pair now. I didn’t have any soles on the bottom of them and would do that this time. Although the kids figured out last time that they could indoor ice skate. :teehee:

How funny! I just loev WOol Of THe Andes and it’s so affordable.

Oh fun! I remember some crocheted slippers my great grandmother did for me…great on the hardwood floors!

I have some WoA on hand–might give that a try!