Yarn suddenly on wrong side

Hi I am knitting a snood in the round on a circular needle… I picked up the work, it is not inside out, but the yarn is suddenly on the wrong side… I have worked 20cm already so its impossible to accidentally turn it inside out… How might this happen and how can I fix it?!!

Welcome to KH!
It’s possible that at some point you turned and started knitting with the needle tips farther away from you and the body of the snood closer to you. Usually, you would knit with the needle tip closer to you and the body of the project farther away.
You could check carefully on this last row and see if that’s happened recently. You may see a small hole or gap where the project was turned. You could even tink back on this last round and see if you find the switch in yarn placement.
The fact that you’ve noticed this implies that the problem is recent so the current row may be the problem.

Wow you were right! Thanks so much - project saved! :grin::grin::grin:

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