Yarn subtitutions

I’m a newbie here, so if this is a stupid question, please forgive me.
I have a pattern for a summer top that calls for a “light worsted” weight yarn. Can I use DK weight? I can’t imagine a summer top in a wool worsted yarn. Most of the cotton/blend yarns seems to be in either sport or DK weight. I need some advice so I can get started.

BTW, any suggested yarns would also be very helpful. So many choices… it’s confusing! THANKS!

There are cotton/cotton blends in worsted weight. If you haven’t tried it yet, check out yarndex.com You can search by weight and fiber.

As for the DK…you might be able to use it, depending on how tight/loose you want the resulting fabric to be. You could knit a gauge swatch with the DK to see…as long as you end up with the same spi/rows called for in the pattern and you’re happy with the fabric (with the smaller yarn it will most likely be a “looser” fabric) it would be ok to use it.