Yarn Substitutions for Booga Bag

I haven’t made one before (I don’t really know why), but think I would like to make some for Christmas gifts (3 to be exact, with 1 possible “mini” version).

I am currently “monetarily challenged” and would like to make the booga bags for cheaper. What yarn (cheaper yarn) would make a good substitution for noro kureyon. I do not mind making the bags in solid colors…

Suggestions? Help? Insinuations that I am insane?


Patons SWS (Soy Wool Stripes) - gorgeous colors but beware - it felts FAST and hard! I ended up with a mini bag, which is okay because I intended it for my girls anyway.

Cascade 220 comes in lots of colors and felts nice. You could use parts of skeins to make stripes on the bags.

I like cascade 220 for felting. And to me the price is good. Also my daughter is knitting with some arcaunia that we got on sale at little knits. It felts well and has some pretty color ways. You do have to get twenty five dollars worth at little knits but you could buy for all of your bags at once that way.

Knitpicks Wool of the Andes felts wonderfully, Patons Classic Merino does too. Both come in a large variety of colors, and the big plus to using a solid, is that you can create your own striping patterns.

I’ve done one in Wool of the Andes from www.knitpicks.com and also one out of Patons Classic Wool and they both came out pretty much the same. Both felted well and shrunk about equally. I second what someone else said about the Patons SWS’s felting qualities. It felts GREAT but fast so you have to watch it very closely.

Beware the Patons SWS felts sooo fast. It is beautiful, but my booga will not even hold my wallet and keys !!

I make mine out of Cascade 220. I find that if I am open minded about colors my LYS usually has a box of misc single skeins or disc colors that I can get for 10-15% off. I knit double stranded with it and think the last one took about 3 hanks so $20. I always love to support the LYS, but cascade 220 is available in abundance on e-bay.

I agree with WOTA from KnitPicks. I used it to make a bag for a friend, I think it took just over 3 skeins at $1.99 each…a bag for $6! I also like Cascade 220.

Thank you! I just have to convince dh that I NEED to buy yarn now…


I love how firm Paton’s SWS felted up my bag - I did knit it larger than the pattern suggested and have perfect size. I made one out of Malabrigo too and it didn’t felt as firm, but it was beautiful.

I like Lamb’s Pride - Havent used it for a Booga Bag but did use it for a purse from the book “One Skein Projects” & it turned out REALLY cute - didnt want to give it away afterward! If you want to try& save money - those projects in that book are NICE - & they only require, as the title says, one skein.