Yarn substitution

Yesterday I bought one of those knitting page a day calendar oojits that has a pattern for every day of the year.

I got it home, went through every single pattern to find a couple I want to start soon. I found 4 strappy vest tops that I love and want to start knitting ASAP.

I have spent this whole morning googling for the yarns needed to knit them, only to find that some of them are discontinued and no 1 shop has enough of the colour I like for the project, so I’d have to pay multiple shipping costs. :verysad:

On some of the other yarns i can’t get them to ship to the UK or I can’t find them anywhere at all.

Sorry - I’m :!!!: ranting :!!!:

Most of these pattern give me a weight/length per skein. Others just describe it as worsted weight or sport weight .

As long as I match what the pattern is saying with regards to the weight of the Yarn, will the pattern work?
Is there anything else I need to consider when substituting yarns?

Is there such a thing as a Yarn substitution table that will tell me suitable yarns to choose? It’s quite an overwhelming market!

Thanks for any assistance. :hug: :hug:

www.yarndex.com is a place to research different yarns–fiber content, weight, gauge, etc.

As long as you have the right weight, gauge, and yardage, you can substitute. You have to do a swatch for gauge, of course, since the gauge on the band is not necessarily what you’ll get.