Yarn substitution

I started a scarf using Baby Bee Madcap yarn from Hobby Lobby and I need more yarn. It’s been discontinued. Any suggestions on what else I could use? Thanks

You probably won’t find anything to match that. It’s an unusual yarn. It’s super bulky weight so you could do the scarf over with another yarn of that weight.

Have you tried the stashes on Ravelry?
Even the ones that say Not for Sale are worth try. Not for Sale is the default and sometimes people forget to change it.
There’s also http://yarnsub.com/
They don’t list the yarn but you could search for other super bulky yarns that might go with.
With many distributers (WEBS, Knit Picks) you can search their site by yarn weight, too.

Hi JOMS; In knitting, if you need two skeins, buy three. Sense we are talking about buying supplies;
always buy way too much fabric when quilting or sewing. Any time you see something
good, buy more that enough. The really fantastic stuff "always gets discontinued " ! !
Sorry to talk your head off but, a long time ago I found a fantastic autumn themed
fabric. I wanted more. I was willing to buy the rest of the bolt. DISCONTINUED !!
And only one quarter yard was left on the bolt. So, about 15 years ago I found a pink
yarn that was beautiful !! It is stored right now. But that doesn’t worry me.
I don’t remember how much I bought; but it was a lot ! Some day I’m going to make
a baby blanket or sweater or hat…Or all three. And I will be knitting obsolete yarn.
When I take it out it will be like Xmas. :blush:

@Wolfie I always buy extra, too. Then I use the leftovers for charity hats or small striped things. :wink:

Most assuredly !