Yarn substitution question

[COLOR=indigo]Tahki Monterey yarn…what is this yarn like as I have limited shopping available to me. [/COLOR]
[COLOR=#4b0082]This is for a scarf so it doesn’t have to ‘fit’ like a sweater.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#4b0082]The gauge in the pattern is 15sts. = 4 inches[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#4b0082]and 16 rows = 3 " …[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#4b0082]If I remember it was on the elann free pattern site.[/COLOR]

looks like bulky



Here is what it looks like, if that’s what you want to know. You can search for yarn with similar gauges and qualities at the above site.

On the yarndex site it says it is Bulky weight, so, then can I choose any bulky weight yarn. I did notice though it seems to have tiny loops in the yarn, not just solid yarn.
Still working on my first socks for little ones, Snugs is what I am working on, the pick up stitch ones. Hope it will be successful project.

The loops give it texture, so when you knit it as a scarf you’ll need a plain stitch pattern. Do it in stockinette st with a seed or garter stitch border, or a basket weave sort of st - k6, p6 for 6 rows, the p6, k6 for 6 row, or k5p5…