Yarn substitution question - child's poncho

Good evening! I want to make the Granny Poncho and Cap: http://www.bernat.com/patternbook.php?PG=child&PID=64 for my two DDs and a niece, but am not sure what yarn to buy. I have a rather large gift card to Michael’s :cheering: so that is where I will shop.

The pattern calls for a 100% cotton Bernat Handicrafter which is a worsted weight yarn. My Michael’s doesn’t have this yarn, and I am not sure I want 100% cotton anyhow (but I am very new to both knitting and crochet so I could be wrong).

I was thinking Cotton Ease, Wool Ease or Vanna’s Choice. What would you all suggest?

Any worsted weight yarn will work. See what your Michael’s has–I’ve used Woolease, and it’s nice, but feel the yarns and choose the color you like.

Any of those three yarns would work well. Look at the colors of each and see which grabs you.

TY both! I already ruled out the Vanna’s Choice b/c of the colors, and think I am going with Wool Ease - at least for DD#2 who is totally in love with the Red Sprinkles color :heart: I’m shopping tomorrow so it’ll be interesting to see what I come home with!

Thanks again!

I’m probably the only one, but I really like Bernat Cotton Tots. It’s worsted weight, toss it into the machines, it comes out great. No scratchy fibers at all, so it’s very soft, and my DGD looks great in the nice bright colors.

Have fun deciding when you’re surrounded by all that luscious yarn.

Although I really wanted the Wool Ease, my Michael’s didn’t have 3 of the 6 colors that I wanted. They did, however, have all 6 of the Cotton Ease colors I had chosen as a back-up. So Cotton-Ease it is!

Merry Christmas, and thanks again!