Yarn substitution & pattern sizing - cotton vs. wool

Good morning!

I want to make this pattern by Vera Sanon. It’s designed for a cotton/linen blend yarn. I thought to use KnitPicks Comfy cotton/acrylic yarn in Marlin color but it seems too plain. Then I thought perhaps I’d use Malabrigo Arroyo superwash wool. I can get the required gauge with either yarn but I’m not sure whether the fit will be different if I use the wool yarn. Experiences or opinions, please?

Generally as long as you use the same gauge yarn it won’t be a problem. If you click the yarns tab for that pattern you’ll see many types people used. Then you can read what they’ve done.

I like the idea of looking at the other projects on the Ravelry page. For me, the yarn combination with linen in the mix gives you the light drape that this tee has. All wool will work but the look will be different.
It could be I just like linen and linen blends for summer.