Yarn substitution/KnitPicks question

I am looking to make the Daisy sweater for my friend’s baby, due in February. I’m thinking of making it in a neutral color, then adding the embellishments later after the baby is born once the sex is known.

I’m in Canada, and I don’t get free knitpicks shipping, but I want to splurge a little bit (it is splurging when you add shipping to Canada :frowning: ) because she is a dear friend and I don’t want to just go with what I can find at Michael’s.

The yarn asked for in the pattern is a 100% mercenized cotton. The gauge is 20sts/4" on a size 7 needle.

What knitpicks yarn would be suitable for this project?? Something machine washable and really soft. I was looking at ‘Shine’. Do you think that would be suitable?

Also, Kelly dear (or anyone else who has the color cards), what do you think would be a good gender-neutral color for the main color of the sweater, if I do go with ‘Shine’?? What about ‘Sand’, ‘Cream’, or I was even thinking ‘River’. Even though it’s blue, even if it’s a girl once I added the daisy embellishments it would still be really cute and girly.

Anyways, any help is greatly appreciated!

www.knitwerx.com (here’s their cotton stuff and www.elann.com is in Canada! You may be able to find a good substitute for “Shine” at either of those places!

www.yarnforward.com has Cottontots–probably would work and they are in Canada, too.

Well, shine would certainly LOOK nice for that ADORABLE sweater! I worry about the gauge…Shine is sport weight…says 6sts/in on sz 3-5 needles. You probably WOULD get 5sts/in on 7’s, like called for in the pattern, but it may be a loose knit.

As far as color goes, The sand is very gold-y. Cream is, well, cream. River is definitely a royal blue. What about the Turquoise?? Or Green Apple? Those could go EITHER way! And, they are really pretty, especially with the sheen that shine has. If you might consider one of the twist colors, I really like seaside…yellow, apricot and turquoise.

is yarn forward the store that likes to send out yarn of mass destruction?

That it is, that it is. But only if you ship international UPS. :rofling:

Just found out that my friend and her hubby have changed their mind about not finding out the sex of the baby and are having another ultrasound in a few weeks. So I won’t have the issue of making a generic sweater. I can’t wait!!!